Campus Regulations for Gameday Tailgating


Tailgating on campus is restricted to football game days and to the hours of 5:00 a.m. to one hour after scheduled kickoff.

There is no tailgating allowed in parking structures or any locations designated by the university for other purposes (such as the Ronald Tutor Campus Center plaza).

No tent poles or stakes may be driven into the ground.


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No open flames (BBQs) under tents, near trees or buildings. Presence of an open flame requires the presence of a fire extinguisher.

Used charcoal must be disposed of in a “hot coals only” container.




All groups serving alcoholic beverages must comply with all existing university alcohol policies. Events selling tickets and serving alcohol must rent chain link fencing to surround their party. Patrons are encouraged to become familiar with alcohol-related laws and regulations. The USC Department of Public Safety has compiled a summary of alcohol-related laws and regulations as found in the California State Constitution, the California State Business and Professional Code, the California State Penal Code, the California State Vehicle Code, and the Los Angeles Municipal Code.




Profanity, intoxication, aggressive behavior and unsportsmanlike conduct may be grounds for revocation of tailgate privileges.

Trash must be disposed of in proper receptacles; groups are responsible for returning their area back to its original state before departing campus.

No products (including food and beverages) may be sold at your tailgate or anywhere on campus during game days.

In an effort to remain family friendly, there is to be no solicitation of guests for signatures, toy drives, petitions, product sales, etc.

Only small signage which identifies your location is allowed. Signage with a commercial name or location is not allowed. Your group will be asked to remove signage and may lose future tailgate privileges if corporate logos are used.

Cars and catering/delivery trucks may not remain on campus during the tailgate and must be moved off campus SIX hours prior to the start of the game.

Vehicles will be allowed to re-enter campus roughly one hour after the game begins; NO exceptions per Fire Marshall Regulations.



If electrical power is needed, arrangements must be made with USC Facilities at least one week prior to the game. Groups utilizing power without prior permission will be subject to revocation of their tailgate privileges.

Absolutely no amplified sound is allowed, including (but not limited to) DJs and large stereos; even small battery powered devices are NOT acceptable. There are NO exceptions to the amplified sound policy; this includes radio station vans, DJ turntables, iPod sound systems, etc.